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Book Review: Burn for Me by Lea Coll

We went from working on opposite sides of the courtroom to working for the same law firm. Working together reveals a whole new side to Logan Gray. Is he playing me or is he not the man I thought he was?

Now we’re in competition for the same promotion and nothing will stand in my way…not his sparkling blue eyes, cocky smirk, or those dimples.

He says I’m a challenge he can’t resist. The problem is…he’s gorgeous, charming, and irresistible…and he knows it.

Underneath the charming façade, Logan is a man I could fall for. As I get closer to him, I feel like I’m playing with fire and I’m going to get burned.

When the lines between us are blurred, are we competing for a job or each other’s hearts?

My Thoughts

Logan Gray is a charismatic attorney who seems to make an impression everywhere he goes. He’s got blue eyes, dimples, and good looks. He’s never had to ask a woman on a date and he uses his charm to let them down easy when he’s not interested. He’s determined, works hard, and charms his way through his career.

Ashley Cook is driven, career-minded, and guarded. Her goals were at the forefront of the decisions she makes. Her group of friends is small and tight. They know her and they put up with her rare visits and long hours.

Logan and Ashley work on opposing sides of the district attorney’s office. Everything is a competition. So, when they compete for the same position to make a partner, things get intense. Instead of working on opposite sides, they are working the same angle. Logan tries to charm Ashley but she’s immune to his flirtations. It drives him crazy because he knows she’s interested in him.

I can say that I enjoyed watching her try to hide her feelings and his unique way of knocking down the walls she built. I enjoyed the friendships and the dog, Bailey. I’m interested in reading more from this author. I loved it.

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