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Book Review: Minus by Jack Davenport

Burning Saints MC outcast, “Minus” Vincent, has been summoned out of exile by the Club’s President for reasons unknown. Upon his return, he finds himself tempted by forbidden fruit of the past that has only gotten sweeter with time.

Christina “Cricket” Wallace knows exactly what kind of life she wants, and it’s far from the chaos and mayhem of an outlaw motorcycle club. She’s worked hard to get where she is, and she won’t let anyone keep her from getting there…especially her over-protective biker brother, or the sexy as hell Club rival she thought she’d never see again.

As Minus and Cricket pursue their own roads, they find their paths intersecting in a violent and passionate collision that will forever change their futures.

My Thoughts

Minus is a stand-up guy, smart, and incredibly sexy. I was into the story from the start. The story was sensual, sexy, and full of adventure. The story was fast-paced, and I found the connection between the brothers was intriguing.

Cricket seemed like she knows what she wants out of life. In her career, she’s solid and strong. Even if she’s not crazy about what she’s doing now. Her longterm goals are clear to her. Her only weakness? Minus.

The connection between these two shares are off the charts. It’s a history that spans years and is on fire. It seems the years they spent apart does nothing to the heat they ignite when they meet again.

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