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Book Review: Play Me by J.H. Croix

One kiss…so hot it scalded me.
One year later…a second chance to give her the one thing she’s never had.

I’ve known Daisy for years.
She’s all curves, but I’m not supposed to notice.
Because we’re just friends.
I want her anyway.
She wants two things—commitment and that elusive O.
I can only give her one, so I make a deal.
One month and more O’s than she can count.
Relationships are messy, and I don’t do messy.
I’ve never had a problem keeping my distance.
But the clock is ticking.
This was supposed to be easy.
I didn’t count on wanting more.

My Thoughts

3.5 Stars

Tristan is a British Soccer player who had to take time off sports after an ACL injury to the knee. He got his Ph.D. in the meantime and works at the research facility for a hospital. He’s a typical guy in a romance for not wanting to settle down and is discrete about who he dates. He lays it out before getting involved and hates drama. In walks Daisy, a blast from the past, and he’s into her. So into her that he starts to spend all his nights with her.
Daisy wants orgasms and commitment but Tristan can only promise to deliver on one front. Her feelings get mixed as their relationship progresses. Despite her friends warning her, she ignores their advice and focuses on the month she committed to stay with Tristan.

It was cute and sexy but I didn’t see enough sport in it to qualify as a sports romance. Just my opinion. I also found it a little weird that Daisy is friends with these people but managed to miss all the engagements for a year where Tristan attends. How exactly would she maintain a friendship with them while focusing on her demanding career? Overall it was a quick enjoyable read.

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