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Book Review: Invite Me In by Stephanie Julian

Antiques dealer Annabelle Elder’s life is nowhere near as passionate as the erotic art she collects. A cheating ex-boyfriend and her business have seen to that. So when she attends a New Year’s Eve party at Haven Hotel, she sees a chance to blow off some steam. But she never expected to meet anyone like Jared—or to experience such passion in his arms…

Handsome, rich, and charming as hell, Jared Golden brought his Midas touch to Haven Hotel—and created an anything-goes pleasure palace on one floor to cater to his special friends and their very special desires. After falling in lust with Annabelle at first sight, seducing her was easier than he expected. What he didn’t expect was to be seduced in turn…

But unrestrained passion in the bedroom is not the only spark between Annabelle and Jared. Their mutual attraction is confounded by their separate pasts. Caught in an ever-growing web of painful secrets and sensual fantasy, will they be able to face the truth about themselves and trust in true love?

My Thoughts

Annabelle attends a party with her best friend Kate after a bad breakup. She wants to let loose and enjoy herself. She meets one of the owners of the hotel, Jared. They instantly hit it off. They are sexy and sizzling and unapologetic in their discovery of one another. So much so that Jared monopolizes her evening with dancing and conversation. After the party, he invites her to the Salon where she discovers sex with not only him, but with others.

Annabelle has a secret past with pain attached so she introduces herself by Belle. Jared doesn’t have relationships and doesn’t expect to be drawn to her.

I found the mystery elements and the family dynamics in Jared’s family relatable and engaging. I love when the characters have depth and lives that don’t just stop when someone walks into their lives. The secrets and support they offer one another brings them together.

It was full of angst, humor, tension, sex, and communication. I enjoyed it and will be reading more from this author.

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