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Book Review: The Wild Irish Series by Mari Carr

Come Monday

Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.

Keira recognizes daydreaming about her sexy professor is cliche, but that doesn’t help curb her fantasies of Professor Wallace bending her over his desk night after night.

Will Wallace has never been tempted by a student…until Keira. Now he’s willing to break all the rules, offering sweet punishments and sweeter rewards. His sexual authority slowly strips away some of her precious control.

But that’s the one thing Keira’s not ready to relinquish…

Come Monday is the first book in New York Times bestselling author Mari Carr’s Wild Irish series.

My Thoughts

Keira lives above the restaurant her family owns, she feels the need to take on all her family’s responsibilities. Her siblings are all grown but she seems to have filled the slot of their mother. While taking some time for herself and going to school, she is attracted to her professor. He’s sexy and off-limits.

Will is a professor and finds his attraction for a student to be less the ideal. So, for two weeks he spends time with her while he helps her with her English assignments. Her assignment: to add emotion to her papers and not just details. As he helps her with her work, he counts down the time until he can act out his fantasies with her. He won’t break his teacher/student relationship. Once she’s no longer his student, all bets are off.

The chemistry between Keira and Will is sizzling and the relationship they develop is even sweeter. I found it to be enjoyable and sexy.

Ruby Tuesday

He wants so much more than just her music…

Bad boy rocker Sky Mitchell wants to buy Teagan’s song. Only it’s not for sale.

Neither is she, but that doesn’t stop him from challenging her to a contest, a game of winner take all.

Ruby Tuesday is book two in the Wild Irish series by New York Times bestselling author Mari Carr.

My Thoughts

Sky Mitchell meets a buddy at a restaurant in a disguise to hide from paparazzi while he takes a much needed vacation. While he drinks a beer in and tries to write, he comes across Teagan. She plays a song that strikes him and he wants to buy the song. As he approaches her, he finds that her song isn’t the only appealing thing about the woman.

Teagan works at her family restaurant and is a kind soul. She sings because it makes her happy, teaches the kids and visits her neighbors to encourage and make them happy. When Sky offers her a chance to sell her son, she denies him. Which only intrigues him more. She fights it until he challenges her to a contests and she loses.

The more they spend time together, the more the chemistry sizzles. They find what the other needs and both have no qualms about acting on it. Until unlikely and rather disharmonious events thrusts them in a tense situation. That event only solidifies their feelings for each other. A sexy and fun read.

Waiting For Wednesday

Lane used to be hands off and Tris knew it. He followed the rules and left her alone. Now she’s back and the game has changed.

When Lane returned, she believed she could resist the far-too-sexy Tris. A life of disappointment had destroyed her ability to love, to trust a man.

Or so she thought.

Waiting for Wednesdsay is the third book in New York Times bestselling author Mari Carr’s Wild Irish series.

My Thoughts

Lane has a past that she tries to keep locked tight. Each Wednesday night, she used to sit at the bar and drink her wine while talking to the bartender, Tris. One night she isn’t there and Tris finds she’s been hurt. When he shows up to offer his support, he thinks that he can protect her. Only, she disappears.

For a year, Tris tries to forget her and move on with his life. But on a Wednesday night, she shows up again. He can’t deny his feelings or his attraction to her. So, he plays on it. Even when he knows there are consequences.

There were some pretty dark moments in this book but Tris is there to mend the bad and offer her good. The relationship was more than I thought it would and I’m grateful. It was sexy but the communication really did it for me.

Sweet Thursday

Lily intends to rewrite the past at her high school reunion. When she was younger, she was too shy to act on her feelings, but she’s all grown up now. And ready to take what she wants. Even if it’s only for one night.

Soldiers Justin and Killian are blown away when quiet Lily proposes a night too tempting, too hot to resist. But just one no-holds-barred, explosive evening with the stunning woman will never be enough.

Sweet Thursday is the fourth book in New York Times bestselling author Mari Carr’s Wild Irish series.

My Thoughts

Lily, Justin, and Killian were best friends in high school. Lily was the shy and quiet one, while the boys sowed their wild oats. Lily didn’t have the guts to tell them how she felt about them after graduation and was too chicken to after.

At their ten-year reunion, she redeems herself and admits how she feels about them. She asks them for one night where she doesn’t have to feel like she’s the good girl. One night turns into a weekend. A weekend turns into them trying to honor their friendship only for it to lead to more.

It’s not the ideal relationship their families and friends would understand but it works for them.

I wasn’t too into this storyline but I didn’t hate it.

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