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Book Review: Sinful Surrender by Erika Wilde

A debt repaid . . . in the form of her surrender.

Rich and powerful, Maddux Wilder has built his empire with one thought in mind . . . exacting revenge against the man who killed his parents. But he never planned for his enemy’s daughter, Arabella Cole, to offer herself in exchange for her father’s debt. Innocent and captivating, Maddux can’t resist her allure, or the lust she stirs within him.

When Arabella sacrifices her life to save her father’s, she does so with the intention of hating the man who now owns her. But beneath Maddux’s gruff, boorish exterior she discovers a compelling man. One who makes her burn with need and awakens deep, forbidden desires she can’t deny. Soon she’s surrendering more than just her body to Maddux.

What starts as an act of vengeance becomes something far more consuming. Can this beauty tame the beast, or will revenge cost them both everything that matters most?

SINFUL SURRENDER is a seductive and modern take on Beauty and the Beast.

My Thoughts

Maddux is a powerful man who seeks revenge for the death of his parents. When he has the chance to seek revenge on the night of a ball, he’s faced with a decision to make. He is in financial control of his enemies assets. The daughter of his enemy offers herself in exchange to save her father who is in poor health.

Arrabella is determined to help her father and she’s not scared to sacrifice herself to do so. But she’s incredibly naive and knows nothing of her father’s transgressions

A Beauty and the Beast reference romance. It was interesting to see how Maddux was closed off but she seems to get under his skin and the arrangement they had didn’t pan out how they’d like. Good read.

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