Book Review: Promise by T.K. Leigh

He was supposed to be my first kiss. My first love. My first everything…

There are moments in our lives that define us.

For Brooklyn Tanner, it’s the summer before her junior year of high school. The summer boys finally begin to notice her. The summer he finally begins to notice her.

Andrew Brinks. Handsome. Popular. Star hockey player.

Her best friend’s brother.

For one summer, she’s happy, carefree, and convinced she’ll finally experience what she’s been dreaming about for years…her first kiss.

But just like everything else in her life, it comes at a price she may not be ready to pay.

One he may not be ready to pay, either.

My Thoughts


Brook is a carefree nerdy teenager who is dealing with her body changes and the impending summer activities. Her best friend’s brother is someone she’s always thought would be a great first kiss. She’s always felt invisible and like the last choice.

When opportunity knocks, she answers. When Drew ignores her and goes off with another girl, she feels rejected. So, she goes to a party where she proceeds to make a big mistake.

Drew saves her from major embarrassment and kisses her. A real bone-deep kiss. He promises to be her first the next morning before flying out or college. But, he never shows up and she has no idea the reasons. In her mind, he shoved her off and got what he wanted.

A great start to the series.

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