Book Review: Promise by T.K. Leigh He was supposed to be my first kiss. My first love. My first everything... There are moments in our lives that define us. For Brooklyn Tanner, it's the summer before her junior year of high school. The summer boys finally begin to notice her. The summer he finally begins to notice her. Andrew Brinks. Handsome. Popular.

Book Review: Sinful Surrender by Erika Wilde A debt repaid . . . in the form of her surrender. Rich and powerful, Maddux Wilder has built his empire with one thought in mind . . . exacting revenge against the man who killed his parents. But he never planned for his enemy’s daughter, Arabella Cole, to offer herself in exchange for

Book Review: His for a Season by K.A. Linde I’m not prepared to meet someone as sexy as Sam Rutherford on the first day of my new job. Then I find out we’re sharing an office…for the next year. I can’t deny that I’m intrigued by his charming Southern drawl and rugged good looks. Normally I would have jumped at the chance. But

Book Review: Part-Time Lover by Lauren Blakely It was only supposed to be a marriage of convenience... Let me just say, this whole part-time lover thing was her idea. I'd have gone all-in from the start, but hey, when a gorgeous, brilliant woman invites you into her bed, and only her bed...well, I said yes. But then, one hysterical phone call

Book Review: Inferno: Part 1 by T.K. Leigh When I stepped on that flight to Rome, I never could have imagined the man sitting across the aisle from me would tilt my world on its axis. He claimed it was fate that brought us together.But I never believed in such notions. That was something for the dreamers, the romantics, not someone as