Book Review: All the Possibilities (MacGregor Series) by Nora Roberts

Former First Daughter, and current potter/shop owner Shelby Campbell is wary of U.S. Senator Alan MacGregor’s attention. She knows all too well what life in the public eye is like, and the life of a politician. But Alan is persistent. He’s determined to win her over and show her that their future is worth all the potential drawbacks.

My Thoughts

Shelby Campbell is a free spirit and lives her life as she chooses. With skills of entertaining a crowded party of politicians, she meets Alan MacGregor. Shelby’s father was a politician and because of what happened to him, she has no interest in dating anyone in that arena.

Alan is a man who gets what he wants. A politician who works hard and isn’t afraid to make his feelings for Shelby known. Breaking down barriers and admitting that life can be terrifying, the fall is sweet.

More from the MacGregor series and I’m loving it. I’m excited to see them get married and start their families. I’m looking forward to the next book and seeing what Nora has in store for us.

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