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Book Review: Commitment by T.K. Leigh

She’s my sister’s best friend.
She thinks I’ve never noticed her.
She couldn’t be more wrong.
Now I just need to prove it to her…before she walks down the aisle.

Brooklyn Tanner and Andrew Brinks have a long history…one she wants nothing more than to forget. Considering he’s her best friend’s brother and single father to two amazing girls who mean the world to her, it’s almost impossible.

When the man she’s been dating proposes, she thinks it’s exactly what she needs to finally close this chapter of her life. After all, over sixteen years have passed since she gave Andrew Brinks her heart, only for him to destroy it. Why should that matter now?

But it matters to Drew.

When he learns of her engagement, he realizes he has a decision to make. Does he finally tell Brooklyn the truth of what happened all those years ago? Or does he watch her marry another man to protect her from enduring any more pain?

My Thoughts:

This book was full of angst and it was an emotional rollercoaster.

Drew knows that his sister’s best friend has always thought that’s he didn’t notice her, but she was wrong. He’s always had feelings for her but he wasn’t able to tell her why he’d left and why he’d kept his distance. Now, he’s the single father of two girls and his hockey career is behind him. He’s a coach and that suits him. He still has Brooklin in his life but he’s about to lose her to a man she’s engaged to.

Brook dates Wes and feels like he’s what is right for her. He’s never hurt her and he’s never lied. The only problem is that she still holds a torch for Drew.

I loved this book and bought this series because it was that good. It had just the right amount of angst and desperation to keep you wanting to read more.

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