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Book Review: One Man’s Art (MacGregor Series) by Nora Roberts

Cartoonist Grant Campbell has shunned the outside world, preferring to live and work alone–until a storm brings artist Genevieve Grandeau to the door of his lighthouse. Gruff and guarded, he offers her shelter for one night, never expecting how the glamorous beauty will affect the rest of his days…

My Thoughts

Gennie goes to the coast of Maine seeking solitude and a place to paint. Getting out of New Orleans, she wanted to escape the noise, the life she led, and pain. Renting a cabin from a woman in town, she sets off in Windy Point excited for a new journey. In a storm, her car breaks down and she walks in the dark until she comes to a lighthouse where she meets Grant Campbell.

Grant a loner who reveals little to nothing about himself. Rude and irritable, he is annoyed with her. Gennie is drawn to his cliff where she can look out at the ocean and paint. Every day she goes there to paint and Grant is annoyed. More than annoyed with her disruption.

I really enjoyed seeing a character that isn’t in the MacGregor family but has close ties. I found this story to be one of my favorites. It was endearing and lovely and full of angst.

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