Book Review: Playing the Odds (MacGregor Series) by Nora Roberts

The cards were stacked, though neither of them knew it. Serena MacGregor’s father left nothing to chance when he sent Justin Blade — part Comanche and all gambler — on a Caribbean cruise. His daughter was evading her responsibility to produce grandchildren by working as a blackjack dealer on the CELEBRATION. Odds were they’d meet.

Serena’s father had his hopes riding on what would happen when they did. Win, lose or draw, they were meant for each other, proving indisputably in this case that lucky in cards did not mean unlucky in love.

My Thoughts

Blade meets Serena after being urged by her father to take a cruise. At first, he doesn’t know that it’s Daniel MacGregor’s daughter. Pursuing her on his own accord, he quickly finds out who she is. Amused, he keeps it to himself as he starts to break down her walls. As they begin a match of connection, she finds that her father’s attempts to bring them together doesn’t suit her pride. Blade offers her a job as a manager of his Atlantic City hotel to keep her in his life. When she accepts, they fall in love. Trouble stirs when things get heated.

The MacGregor family shows a bond that is unique to their clan. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the MacGregor Clan. This was a good story and I always enjoy that mystery and suspense wrapped around a whirlwind romance.

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