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Book Review: Swipe Right for a Cowboy by Karen Foley

They’re wrong for each other, but nothing has ever felt so right

Uptown girl Emmaline Claiborne needs a man, and not just any man. She needs the kind of man who can make her lying, cheating, no-good ex-boyfriend insane with jealousy. The same ex-boyfriend who is now engaged to her sister, and whose extravagant wedding she must suffer through in just three weeks’ time.

She selects the perfect candidate through an online dating app, but instead of the smooth, sophisticated software magnate she expects, a rugged cowboy shows up instead. He’s the complete opposite of everything Emma is looking for. In fact, he’s exactly the kind of man she swore to her Texas ranching family she would never fall for.

Which makes Cort Channing kinda perfect. Only before the weekend is over, Emma finds herself wishing she could keep her fake boyfriend, spurs, chaps, and all. Can this committed city girl take the biggest chance of her life, and swipe right for a cowboy?

My Thoughts

Emmaline sits at a bar to meet a guy she met online but in walks a cowboy to tell her that he date wouldn’t be showing up. They share a drink with each other and he invites her to the rodeo that weekend. Emma’s plan was to invite her date to her sister’s wedding to her ex. Instead, she has to decide what to do. She asks the cowboy if he’ll join her because he’s the last thing her family would expect of her.

Cort has reservations about pretending to be her date for the wedding, but he’s attracted to her and agrees. When they arrive the chemistry between them is more than either of them can handle. He’s got some secrets that come out and her family are furious for the deception.

I enjoyed the chemistry between them and the real emotions they shared. It seemed real rather than forced. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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