Book Review: MacGregor Brides (MacGregor Series) by Nora Roberts

The MacGregor clan’s patriarch is powerful, rich–and determined to see his three career-minded granddaughters married. So he hand-picked three unsuspecting candidates as worthy consorts…Now all he has to do is set his plans in motion.

My Thoughts


I loved Laura and Royce’s story. Royce installed a security system in the house she shares with her cousins. Handpicked by Daniel MacGregor; he leaves it up to fate. Both are not looking for relationships and are happy with the way their lives are going. Fate has a funny way of showing us that life has more to offer. I really enjoyed seeing Caine and Diana’s children in this story. The more I see of the family, the more I fall in love with them.


Gwen and Branson’s story was the most romantic Christmas story. Branson being a writer recruits Gwen’s help in learning the medical field for his next novel. Spending weeks together their story slowly develops. She’s not thrilled that it is orchestrated by Daniel MacGregor.


Julia and Cullum finish off the book with their story. Cullum works as a contractor for her house. They fight like dogs and have for years. Both stubborn and driven, they work well together. Until they end up acting on the attraction. Daniel and Michael, plot well together.

Daniel MacGregor can’t help meddling in his children or grandchildren’s lives. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t have these sweet love stories. I love seeing the generations of MacGregors and what happened to their lives. I am so loving this series.

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