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Book Review: The Winning Hand (MacGregor Series) by Nora Roberts

“Did you say I won almost two million dollars?” Running away from her former life and her controlling fiance, Darcy Wallace was down to her last ten dollars. And in the bright lights of a Las Vegas casino, Darcy gambled and won! Suddenly the small-town girl was big news – and in need of protection. Robert MacGregor Blade, the casino owner, was determined to make sure Darcy could enjoy her good fortune. But Darcy knew what she wanted: a chance with Mac himself. And surely her luck was in?

My Thoughts

Darcy Wallace has little money to her name, a stranded car, and her wits. She walks a mile to Vegas and finds herself at The Comanche where she uses her last few dollars to gamble. The gamble of her last few dollars ends up being the gamble of her life.

Mac Blade runs the Vegas hotel that his father started years before. Justin and Serena are still intricate players in the casino and aid him when a woman wins a ton of money. That woman is someone he finds irresistible and terrifying.

I absolutely LOVED their story. It was really amazing to see Darcy blossom. I could relate to her a ton and it really set the tone for the type of woman she will grow to be. I’m so enjoying this side of Daniel MacGregor. I would love to have had a grandfather like him.

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