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Book Review: The Perfect Neighbor (MacGregor Series) by Nora Roberts

In New York, people were supposed to ignore their neighbours. But that was a rule that Cybil Campbell had never learned. When the sunny brunette knocks on her new neighbour’s door, she expected that they would make a connection – after all, she knew everyone else in the apartment block. Preston McQuinn wasn’t interested in small talk. He was in Manhattan to finish a job and leave as quickly as possible – until Cybil’s sweet nature and big green eyes captured his interest. Cybil was intrigued by her mysterious new acquaintance – but what would she do when she found out he’d been lying to her from the very first moment they met? 

My Thoughts

The last of the MacGregor romance tied up this series like a tight little bow for me.

Cybil is a cartoonist, much like her father Grant. She takes pride in her work, is friendly and outgoing, talks too much, and has a huge heart. Wanting to extend a neighborly welcome, she knocks on the door to 3B and meets broody, rude, and abrupt Preston McQuinn. He’s mysterious and cagey. While she thinks he’s a struggling musician, her assumptions land them in a sticky mess.

Reeling from his past and his need for solitude, he’s annoyed that the neighbor in 3A won’t shut up. She’s a chatterbox who follows him around, tries to manage his life, and makes sure he eats. Trust doesn’t come easy and the silliness only gets nastier.

I loved this story and I loved getting a glimpse of Grant and Genevieve.

As always, Daniel MacGregor gets his wish and pairs off another family member. What’s not to love? I’ll miss this family and will definitely be visiting the MacGregor’s again when the mood strikes.

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