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Book Review: Chief by John Lyttle III

Wisdom walks through the halls as a most unusual janitor in New York’s wealthiest building.

My Thoughts

John Lyttle III’s novella, Chief, is a short story with a powerful message. In a beautiful and prominent building in New York City, a janitor by the name of Chief is favored by all. He’s got pockets of wisdom and funny anecdotal stories to share with the advertising company, Turnhead.

What I enjoyed was that you get a real feeling of who Chief is and what he stands for. What you don’t count on, is knowing who the person inside really is.

There were some little things like exclamations and conversation tags that distract from the story a bit, but overall the story outweighed any little issues. I wasn’t sure where this was going, but I’m pleasantly surprised where it ended up.

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