My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey-One Month Update

I started my weight loss journey on July 22, 2020. In that time, I’ve lost a total of 5.4 lbs. That isn’t a big number, but let’s go to the beginning and I’ll explain how my losses have fluctuated.


Each week I have weighed in to see my progress. I update this on Instagram on Tuesdays. Here are the last five week weigh-ins. Including today.

The first week, I lost 2.2 lbs. I started the Keto diet and track all of my food on the app myfitnesspal. I don’t eat more than 30-35g of carbs a day. I also started the Chloe Ting Challenge and that made a difference.

The second week, I lost 3.7 lbs. I was working hard on the Chloe Ting Challenge workouts, I walked at night, and I kept to the diet.

Week three was a bad week for me. I stopped doing the Chloe Ting Challenge because the exercises were starting to hurt my lower back and it was becoming very painful to do them. So, I kept walking and incorporated a ten minute yoga routine into my day. My diet was still going well.

Week four, I knew the scale wouldn’t show a big change. I got lazy and stopped working out. I increased my water intake. I drink about a gallon a day now. I kept to my diet but I didn’t exercise at all.

That brings us to today. I gained 2 lbs this week and I know it is because I stopped working out. I didn’t do anything. I kept to my diet but I didn’t even get up and do much until Sunday night.

So, this journey has been hard. I am trying to find a good way to exercise and stay healthy. I’ve decided to walk for 30 minutes in the morning. Do a yoga session in the afternoon, and do a 30 minute cardio workout in the evenings.

I’ll update next month to show you my progress. If you’d like to follow along on my journey weekly or daily, follow me on Instagram. I post meals I eat, my exercise, and describe changes that happen. If you want an accountability partner, let me know. It’s always good to have more than a few to keep you humble and honest.


Since it is too hot to go outside during the day (over 100 degrees sometimes) and the parks are to be avoided, I have gone to YouTube for my exercise. I found this entertaining walking workout that keeps my heart rate up and it’s fun! It’s almost like dancing and you get to count the steps you take. I have a wristband that tracks my steps and my workouts. I also track my yoga sessions. I’m able to see how many calories I burn, my heart rate, and the step count.

If you’d like to do the working workouts, here are the links. I do both of these first thing in the morning.


There are a couple of yoga videos that I do. The first is a gentle yoga for bigger bodies. I’m a big girl. This is a 25 minute routine that is low impact and doesn’t hurt, but it gets your body moving, muscles stretching, and breathing focused.

I either do this one or the shorter one. I use this one for the shorter session.


My doctor said that I should be doing about 30 minutes of cardio a day. The walking workouts are good, but I don’t feel like it does enough. So, I’m starting this workout for low-impact exercise. I love that there are people of different sizes and you can either do modifications, normal, or step it up. The guy is motivational and he keeps you going during the workout.

These are my monthly goals. I’m starting Sunday because this is when I implemented the changes. However, I won’t update until Tuesday since that is my weight-in day.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Have fun! If you need a buddy, let me know!

Until next time.

Keep up the good work!

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