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Book Review: A Taste of Sweetness by Kate Alexander

Zoey needed to make changes to her life. She left her controlling ex-boyfriend and an unexceptional job in Lexington and took a chance for new start. Moving Blossom Hills was the perfect way to her new life. She would be closer to her best friend, and fulfill her dream to open a bakery. She arrived in town full of hope and optimism for her future. What Zoey did not expect was to find such great new friends, immediate success for her bakery and even love in this new charming small town.​

Tyler moved back home from Philadelphia after realizing he was on a self-destructive path and needed to rethink his priorities. He wanted to reconnect with his family and friends, and start his own business in software development. He wasn’t looking for love, but he also didn’t expect to be charmed by the intriguing girl who broke into his apartment and fell asleep on his couch.​

Tyler and Zoey started building a loving and trusting relationship, but strange things began to happen to Zoey and her bakery. Would Zoey’s past prevent them from having the future they dream about?

My Thoughts

This is my first Kate Alexander novel and I’m not disappointed in the least.

This story is about Zoey who escapes a controlling ex-boyfriend. At the urging of her best friend Derek, she moves to Blossom Hills were she opens up a bakery. On the night she arrives, she’s so tired, she crashes on the couch of what she thinks is her place. Only to be surprised and awoken by Tyler.

Tyler moves back to Blossom Hills from Philidelphia after a bad relationship and the loss of a job. Using his software development skills, he opens a business. In his free time, he’s quiet, moody, and not a morning person. His best friend is Chase.

I really enjoyed this story, the characters, the town, and the dynamics of friendship. I found myself laughing, feeling sad, and just having the feels when it comes to the romance in this story.

Big props to the character development because when you have this many characters in a book, they often become peripheral people that are not engaging or interesting. Alexander did a great job of making sure all the characters were included and I found that I liked something about each one.

P.S. When you get to the frosting scene…Let’s just say, yum! 😉

Great story and I’m looking forward to the next in the Blossom Hills Romance Series. 🙂

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