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Book Review: Tall, Dark, and Irresistible by Erika Wilde

A complete stand-alone story, TALL, DARK & IRRESISTIBLE is a fun, flirty swoon-worthy romance!

When it comes to love and happily ever after, Leo Stone is a disbeliever. Having been left at the altar by the one woman he thought he’d spend the rest of his life with, he’s vowed to keep his heart to himself and enjoy the one thing he knows won’t affect his emotions… hot, dirty sex. Except, what’s a guy to do when a gorgeous woman asks him to be her stand-in boyfriend for two weeks — with benefits? Sign him up, please!

A drunken night one year ago, Peyton Bishop used Leo Stone’s name and photograph to convince her overly-protective parents that she was safe living in New York City — in part thanks to a boyfriend she adored. Except Leo, the hot guy she’s had a secret crush on since college, has no idea he’s been cast in the role of her lover. With her cousin’s wedding coming up, and her parent’s expecting to meet this mysterious boyfriend, Peyton is forced to come clean and ask Leo a huge favor.

Leo agrees to be her stand-in boyfriend, but what’s a pretend couple to do when their fake feelings start to become oh-so-real?

My Thoughts

I loved this. It was super cute. Fake boyfriend romance.

Peyton Bishop lives in New York and she loves her life there. Her parents like to hover and think that she’s not safe. So, she concocted a plan and made it look convincing. She told them she had a boyfriend and even photoshopped pictures of them in the city. Who did she choose? A sexy guy she crushed hard on in college.

Leo Stone owns his own car service and is surprised when he has to pick up a client. When he sees her, he’s amused that it was his old lab partner. He’s even more amused by her proposition. Why not get something enjoyable out of the deal? Hot sex? Enjoyable times? Why not?

This story was really enjoyable. It had banter, it had awkward moments, and it had funny moments. I enjoyed the characters and I loved the ending. 🙂 Erika Wilde doesn’t disappoint. Ever.

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