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I moved to Wisconsin! Weight loss Setback and Adjustments.

I moved to Wisconsin this past weekend with my kids and my dogs. My sister was great by flying down and riding along with me as we drove back.

  • I’m incredibly proud of myself for driving across country and having the guts to do most of the driving. If you don’t know, I’ve had traumatic experiences being in cars since my childhood. It was one of my phobias for a long time. I stepped up and drove most of the way and it felt amazing afterward.
  • My dogs were so good, it really surprised me. They were in the way back of my Tahoe and they didn’t make much noise or relieve themselves. I was so proud of them.
  • The kids were great troopers riding along with my parents, who decided to tag along. Normally, trips wear them out and they become extremely irritated and act out. This trip, they were excited and behaved fairly well.
  • My nephew is 2 years old and he was an absolute angel. There were a couple of–understandable breakdowns–but he was just a doll. No child wants to stay in a carseat for that long. He did really well. It helped that we took him out to walk around at each stop we made.
  • The trip was enjoyable with my sister, nephews, and dogs. I enjoyed the sights that I did get to see. My favorite place to drive through was Oklahoma and Iowa. I love seeing all the ranches, cattle, and open land. It’s just gorgeous. Not to mention, where my sister lives, the environment is the same. Fields, open land, and greenery.

While we were driving, I’ll admit to eating trash the entire way. I threw my diet completely out the window. I don’t feel guilty because my weight loss journey has been going very well since I started. Since July 22, I’ve lost a total of 18.3 pounds. I gained 2.1 pounds on this trip. I’m not bothered by it. I know I can start again with my exercise and healthy eating and I’ll get right back on track. I’ll be more active here. So, yay!

The kids are being enrolled in a local school and I’m looking forward to seeing them thrive and adapt to the cold weather. It will soon be winter and I’m looking forward to spending a snowy winter in a place that is unfamiliar to me. The kids and I will keep you updated on our journey. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we’re up to and the pictures we’ll be posting.

Until next time,

Ruth Anne 🙂

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