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Book Review: Loophole of the Gods, Part I: The Case by Lyle Milton

★The Deeply Immersive Psychological Technothriller for fans of Ex-Machina and A.I.★

Can a girl be murdered if she was never born? It’s a paradox at the core of a dangerous case, one that exhumes horrific memories for one private investigator.

Jesse Davenport’s daughter ‘Lainey’ reveled in her life as an undergrad, and her bright eyes lit his hopes for the future. However, all hope died when she was brutally slaughtered and he was thrown in jail and put on trial for the murder of her killers. He escaped conviction, but not the public fear, suspicion, and morbid curiosity. So, he built thick walls around the remains of his life, isolated with his all-consuming grief, shielding himself from the world.

When the world comes knocking with sledgehammer—a copycat case of Lainey’s murder—Jesse’s walls are obliterated as Dr. Nicoletta Albescu, bereaved mother of the current victim, goes to great lengths to manipulate him into taking her case. And, take it, he does. However, as he tracks down her daughter’s killers, these questions dog him: Who is Dr. Albescu really? Why did she bring him this case? How can this be a murder case if the girl was never alive? And why did her killers copy Lainey’s murder?

Jesse ultimately learns that absolutely nothing, present or past, is what it seems, leaving him struggling against his steady descent back into hell, where he discovers that Dr. Albescu isn’t the only “god” he must overcome. Some gods are trying to stop him. Some gods seek to control him. But others…

They intend to kill him.

Can Jesse maintain his grip on sanity while solving the case, and keep himself and those around him from ending up dead?

My Thoughts

Jesse Davenport is a man who lost it all years before and a woman who is in a unique but strangely familiar circumstance enlists his help for Justice. A copycat of his daughter’s rape and murder is said to have done the same to Nicolette’s daughter. The catch, her daughter isn’t technically a person, according to the law. As a private investigator, he reluctantly takes the case because he was manipulated into it and many suspicious circumstances surround him after agreeing. His life is in danger, his family is in danger, and he’s got a lot of questions.

Jesse’s journey to find the truth to who Dr. Albescue truly is becoming complicated really quickly.
I absolutely liked Jesse because he was a raw and real character with plenty of flaws. The case was really interesting to follow, many times, I became as frustrated as Jesse in wanting to know the answers.

Milton uses unique sound effects and such that appeals to the reader. It helps the experience and keeps you well into the story. I found it aided in the emotions and when intense things happened, it only deepened the enjoyment. Milton is a great storyteller who created great characters and an engaging storyline.

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