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Book Review: Face the Fire (Three Sisters Island #3) by Nora Roberts

Mia Devlin knows what it is like to love with your whole heart—and then watch your love walk away. Years ago, she and Sam Logan shared an incredible bond built on passion, legend, and fate. But then one day he fled Three Sisters Island, leaving her lost in memories of the magic they shared—and determined to live without love.

The new owner of the island’s only hotel, Sam has returned to Three Sisters with hopes of winning back Mia’s affections. He is puzzled when she greets him with icy indifference—for the chemistry between them is still sizzling and true. Angry, hurt and deeply confused, Mia refuses to admit that a passion for Sam still burns in her heart. But she’ll need his help—and his powers—to face her greatest, most terrifying challenge. And as the deadline for breaking a centuries-old curse draws near, they must take the first steps toward destiny—and come together to turn back the dark….

My Thoughts

The last in the Three Sisters Island trilogy, the curse ends with Mia Devlin. To choose to embrace love or turn away from it completes her fate. When she was young Sam Logan was her love. He left her on the island shattering her vision of love, marriage, and raising children in a little cottage. Now, Sam is back. The fourth element in the circle and she must choose to embrace or turn from the love he offers.

I was so enamored with the last book. Seeing the sisters working together. Sam coming back and rocking Mia’s foundation. It all comes full circle, pun intended.

A thrilling, magical, and love filled trilogy. Nora Roberts hits it out of the park once again.

Ruth Anne Garcia


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