Blogmas Day 6: Dealing with Holiday Stress

Are you spending time worrying about whether you are into the holiday spirit? What you should get for your loved ones this year or if you should bother? Maybe you’ve been struggling financially and have no money to spend this year. You worry whether or not you should bother making the meals you usually do? Feeling left out of family activities? Have you had enough of this year and want it to be over?

How Your Body Reacts to Stress | Science | Smithsonian Magazine

Well, you are not alone. This year has been really hard on all of us, some more than others. As the year comes to a close, we’re worried that Christmas 2020 is going to be like the rest of the year. Am I right?

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I’ve had family members get sick, really sick, and I’ve had a friend lose their life to it. It seeps into the air like a misty rain concealed, stealing your breath and taking your health. It vaporizes the life once thriving, it crawls on the ground like the slithering snake. It haunts our dreams and it makes us fear. Especially when you’ve seen what it does to someone else before your eyes.

Virus that causes COVID-19 puts a plug in cellular defenses | YaleNews

So, we’re dealing with stress this year and in a big way. I want you to know that we’re all in this together. If you need a shoulder, or an ear, I’m more than willing to be those companions to your burdens. I may not have the best advice or eloquent words to take your pain away, but sometimes just having someone to listen is just what the doctor ordered.

Emotional support from parents predicts physiological and psychological  responses to stress

Here are a few resources if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or suicidal tendencies. Professionals who can help if you feel that life is just too much to deal with and you really need help managing. When your best friend, significant other, or family member just doesn’t have the ability to help in the way that you need.

Suicide prevention support and mental health resources available in US
Suicide prevention ~ Download Resources ~ Grassroots

I hope this information is helpful to you and that you can find a shred of light in the darkness that has become your life. Stress is something all encompassing and can lead to other struggles. Don’t listen to the taboo of it all. There are professionals that will help you judgement free. We aren’t here to judge your situation or get you to stop feeling what you are feeling. Don’t feel like you have to hide. They’re here to help.

Sending hugs and light,

Ruth Anne

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