Blogmas Day 7: Letter to Santa

Every year, we have our kids write a letter to Santa and they come up with this mile long list of wants. Or in every holiday movie, there is that scene where the kids sit on Santa’s lap. The elves are wearing the cool outfits, music is bouncing off the walls in jolly notes, and there’s that one kid that keeps on and on with his list. This year, it is a bit different. One, Santa pictures or visit isn’t in the cards because of COVID. At least for us, we’re being cautious. Two, my kids are older and the items they ask for have significantly decreased in number.

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My daughter Arielle has been very specific in what she wants this year and it’s a singular object. A castle. Not just any castle but a princess castle. I intend to follow through with her request.

Arielle and Damian

My son Damian has so many interests that I have options. But he’s asked for Legos this year and that is the easiest thing to get to make his little heart happy. Plus, it’ll keep him so busy building that he’ll be occupied while I get that reading, reviews, and writing in that I’ve been neglecting.

The point and focus of this post is a letter to Santa written by my daughter that I wanted to share. She’s quite shy upon meeting people but warms up pretty quickly. When she’s upset, she tends to have some loud outburst crying jags, and she can be incredibly sensitive when people hurt her feelings. She’s sweet and sassy like her mama. The letter might tug at the heart strings or make you laugh and that’s okay too.


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Letter to Santa by Arielle Garcia

Dear Santa,

Mommy told me that I can’t lie about being a good girl this year. So, I guess I have to say that I’ve been kind of good. I hope that you get lots of cookies and milk this year. I bet Mrs. Clause bakes them real good. Tell her that I like chocolate chip. My mommy eats chocolate that my grandpa gives her and she sneaks it under the table. If I’m good she gives me a piece but sometimes she just eats it all. I want a princess castle for Christmas, one with purple and pink because they are my favorite colors. I want to put my ponies in there and they could have a party and be friends. There could be a mommy, a brother, and a sister. But the daddy would have to live in his own castle or in another place because my daddy does. He’s busy a lot but when I see him I get to drink soda and eat candy. Sometimes we get sick. My grandpa was sick and I got real scared. I prayed real hard for him to be better. There are lots of sick people and I don’t want them to be sick forever. So, if you could make people better that would be good. I can’t wait to get my castle and see what you put in my stocking. Feed the reindeer a lot okay? I’ll leave a carrot for them.

Merry Christmas, Santa.

Love Arielle


Kids sure are darn cute!

Ruth Anne Garcia


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