Blogmas Day 8: Christmas Poem

You know what I’ve discovered? I’m not good at posting every day. Haha. But I’ll try to make up for it by posting as many posts as I can to get back to the blogmas day we’re on.

Christmas Poem.

I’m going to share my poem from when this blog first started two years ago.

The Dalton Legacy Poem

Here’s another from last year.

Jolly to a Brave new Year

A new poem for 2020:

A New Hope

Falling falling from the sky

White dots flutter in your eye

The cold is biting on your nose

Soon the season will be what you chose

This year feels like all hope is lost

Because of Covid Holidays seem to be the cost


Meandering through the year alone

All the worries of money being blown

People are out of work you see

As we put up our Christmas tree

Gifts might be different this year

But let us try to show that Christmas cheer


It won’t be easy, this I know

I wish I could pretend it was all a show

Family gatherings are what we’re used to

Staying home this year is what we must do

This virus won’t always stick around

Before you know it, it will bite the ground


Have some hope that in the future we

Will all gather around that Christmas tree

Covid will be all in the past

It won’t, I promise, it won’t last

I wish you cheer this holiday season

Overindulge this year, within reason


Ruth Anne Garcia


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