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Blogmas Day 14: Guest Post by J.M. Mills

I want to thank Jann for joining us on the blog today. I appreciate her guest blogging today and I sincerely hope you enjoy her post.

You can find Jann and her work at or contact her at Her newest release is Our Shadow Selves and can be found online through Balboa Press.

I got mine. Where’s yours?
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Christmas in Australia

Well in most parts of the world it is ice cold. Here in Australia, it is always very very hot. Western Australia is one of the warmest states. I live on the outskirts of WA in the capital city of Perth, where I am about a five-minute drive from the beach. I love it here. Christmas is usually around 38-42 degrees (or 93-107 Fahrenheit).

In Australia, the traditional Christmas “leave out” for Santa is a beer and some crackers (biscuits). Everyone has a different way. But beer is a cold drink for warm weather. Christmas morning the kiddies open their presents. Then the day begins.

Christmas in Australia mainly consist of seafood, salads, or BBQ’s and is spent around a swimming pool, ocean, or sprinklers on the grass. If it is too hot people usually move inside if they have air conditioning. People also do their roast Christmas meals on a BBQ rotisserie with desserts such as Trifle, pavlova, or Christmas pudding.

We usually eat and drink too much over here (lol) so a midafternoon nap is usually on the cards. This way we can still undergo festivities until the wee hours of the morning.

When I had time and was very involved in a Christmas event, I was well known for my hand made Christmas puddings. Dried fruit soaked in alcohol for weeks; then added ingredients, boiled, wrapped in calico material, soaked in alcohol, and hung up in the cupboard for a few months. I was very proud of this. It was my thing.

I leave you with visions of an Australian Christmas, without snow, ice, chill or rain. But with a poem I wrote in homage to either the crackers we left out for Santa or the Christmas crackers we popped on the table at lunch time to see who wins with a colorful paper hat.


Christmas for everyone
All around the world
Family laughter and fun
The festivities unfurl

The snowflakes fall
The wood burns bright
The lights glow tall
The warmth invites

A run jump whoosh
Off down hills on sled
Wet but happy toosh
Sharing candy with friends

There is a sunburnt mood
Heat Koalas and kangaroos
Cold meat, salads and seafood
The BBQ works through

Laughter in the outdoors
Lights outside to see
Santa also visits shores
Leaves gifts under the tree

There is always shortbread
Ham in the fridge to snack
A nod to sleeping children
Next year Santa will be back

From: Our Shadow Selves
Poetry by J M Mills Author





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Our Shadow Selves

Locked in emotions our minds can dream, remember, construct, or believe. Existing in reality or imagination this poetry collection thrives on visions from the soul.

Escapism at its best, wondering in and out of illusion and truth, everyone has soemthing to connect to, remember or dream of.

Fantasy, love, loss, and hope. Dreaming in the shadows of our mind, remembering the darkness and hoping in the sun. Each poem succinct in its fortitude to digress into the deepest corners of our minds.

Our Shadow Selves is truth and fiction. The fact is it does not matter except that it exists and can fade or come to pass.

Determine your own path, take with you what you need and learn from what has helped you grow.

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Ruth Anne Garcia


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