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Book Review: Our Shadow Selves by J.M. Mills

Locked in emotions our minds can dream, remember, construct or believe. Existing in reality or imagination this poetry collection thrives on visions from the soul.

Escapism at its best, wondering in and out of illusion and truth, everyone has something to connect to, remember or dream of.

Fantasy, love, loss and hope. Dreaming in the shadows of our mind, remembering the darkness and hoping in the sun. Each poem succinct in its fortitude to digress into the deepest corners of our minds.

Our Shadow Selves is truth and fiction. The fact is it does not matter except that it exists and can fade or come to pass.

Determine your own path, take with you what you need and learn from what has helped you grow.

My Thoughts:

Broken into five sections, Mills’ collection of poetry weaves you through fiction and reality. Moments of clarity, struggle, resiliency, and overcoming. Emotional snapshots into moments in time bring about the feelings we often don’t focus too closely on. Poems like Broken Pieces, No Home, and Insanity, for example, can be the picture of confusion and darkness. The opposite of poems such as Selfless, Friendship, and Picture This bring about a different set of emotions.

In the rest of the collection, emotions rose in me in poems like Forgotten, Gracious, Into the Flames, Misfortune, A Love Letter, Bright Spark, and Connection.

Mills poetry evokes those emotions in many others and while I read these poems in a few days, I will take my time to re-read these overtime again to get the full effect. Mills has a gift and I for one am glad to have her book on my shelf.

Ruth Anne Garcia


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