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My 2020 Reading Stats

Thank you to Kristen Craves Books, I wanted to follow along with her post and post my reading stats using The Story Graph. I’ve wanted to look at the statistics on my reading in terms of genre, ratings, and stuff like that. This makes it really easy to organize. So, let’s get into my stats from 2020.

ALL THE STATS! | Reading Wrap Up 2019 | Moleskine Bullet Journal Spread  Ideas - YouTube

My goal for the year was 150 and I really wanted to reach it, but I didn’t. I’m okay with that. I like that it shows what mood the books I read are. I guess I like lighthearted books most. Emotional is a given since I read a ton of romance. I’m looking at mysterious and tense and thinking how appropriate it is. I love those types of books.

This didn’t surprise me at all that the pace would be fast. Simple fast reads.

I tend to read short books. This year, I’m hoping to read a few 500+ this year.

This is embarrassing. I knew that I read a ton of romance, but I didn’t even break out of that genre all year, it seems. I’m changing that this year. I want to ensure I read a little of everything.

It seems that summer was the most I read this year. That’s predictable. Let’s see what happens this year.

Well, there is a view. I rated most of these high because I enjoyed them. I rarely read a book that I didn’t finish or didn’t enjoy last year. So, my rating average is pretty high. If I rate a book a 5, it had to be amazing.

There you have it. Thanks, again Kristin for turning me onto The Story Graph. I really enjoyed looking at my stats.

If you sign up for it, let me see your stats. Tag me on your post and I’ll be sure to check it out.

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