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Book Review: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU: KIDS BOOK – Children and Divorce – Helping Kids Cope With Divorce and Separation – illustrated kids book by Aya Alasbali

Kids experience the pressure of divorce and marriage separation each year. They all react differently to this new stress, anxiety based on their age, personality, and the conditions of the separation and divorce.
In This Book You will find a simple way to explain the new situation that will help your kids through the initial Shock, Sadness,Frustration, Anger and show them your Love for them remains and even grows stronger.
You will find The Most simple and Important Things that Both Parents can do is love to help kids through this Difficult time. How to talk to your Kids about Separation.

It’s a simple way to explain DIVORCE to children the book explains that when Mommy and Daddy divorce, their love for their child remains and even grows , It’s a security blanket of a book that promises to ease your child into a new lifestyle .

My Thoughts


I picked up this book to read to my kids because they’ve been having some growing pains from my divorce. Although the divorce was long since coming, there have been some little things that I’ve seen them do. The book was short and sweet and the kids seemed to understand a little better. I’d say that this is for younger children, though. If you’re looking for kids older than 7, I’d pick something more age appropriate.
Ruth Anne Garcia


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