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The Handmaid’s Tale/The Testaments by Margaret Atwood: A Discussion


Whether you’ve read the books or seen the show, you know the story. I personally read the book first, as is the case almost all the time. It struck a cord in me that everything in the book represents what has happened in history.

After I read the book, I watched the show. Elisabeth Moss is a tremendous actress, in my opinion. I swear every single episode I felt like breaking into tears. Sometimes, I sure as hell did. I lived to hate Commander Waterford and his wife, Serena. Actors Yvonne Strahovski and Joseph Fiennes were also tremendous in their delivery of who their characters were. I hated Serena with every fiber of my being.

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Honorable mentions for actors in the show are Ann Dowd who played Aunt Lydia. Oh, I loved to hate her. She was despicable and even when they had that episode of her story, I felt no sympathy. Empathy, a little. But she was just awful. Samira Wiley played Ruby and she made me cry so many times. She also was a powerful woman who gave June strength.

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I’m not going to mention every actor and why they appealed to me or why I loved to hate them. Let’s just say that Atwood is incredible writer and knows her history. Her writing really shows that she’s in tune to what issues are prevalent and she’s an amazing storyteller. I felt in the book that Offred, as they called her, had a voice that reached out and grabbed readers.

I’m now reading the Testaments and I’m so enthralled with the story. It’s written fifteen years after Offred is taken in the red van at the ending of Handmaid’s tale, the book. We get to hear from an aunt, a girl outside of Gilead, and a girl inside of Gilead. I won’t spoil it and tell you who they are, but if you’ve been following the show and the book, you can guess.

Season 4 is coming this year but I haven’t seen an official release date.

I just found out they have been picked up for Season 5. So, we will get to see what happens beyond this new season.

I’m wondering what the book Testaments means for the series. Will it all align and make sense, or will there be different versions of Atwood’s vision? Only time will tell.

You can read this article where they break it down for you. It was very helpful for me. If you don’t want spoilers, I’d avoid reading the article.

The article does say that Hulu is adapting a TV Series around The Testaments. So, if you read the book, hang on because you’ll soon see the series on your screen, if you choose to.

Tell me…

Have you read the book? Seen the show? What are your thoughts? Do you plan on watching the show? The new Testaments show? Let’s discuss.

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