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My Keto Journey

Yale Researchers Find Keto Diet Can Be Healthful or Harmful, Depending on  the Timing

I started, unofficially and not strictly, the keto diet on January 28. Mind you, I cheated a ton and didn’t really consider myself on the diet until last week.

The first time I started Keto, I lost about 15.6lbs. Then, the holidays rolled around and I moved…twice. So, it was easy to get off track.

Since bunkering down and creating a plan, I’m on the right track. Since starting this second time, I’m down 2.6lbs. I realize that this is more than likely water weight. I know that I’ll lose a ton more of water weight in the weeks to come.

I’ve been using the app Carb Manager to keep all my food, water, and exercise tracked.

Yesterday’s Log

If you want to track your carbs, protein, and fat, this is the best app for that. Calories don’t matter. I am still figuring out how much protein I’m supposed to have. So, it is still quite a high number. However, I’ll be meeting my doctor next week and she will go over my app info and help me shift things around.

I’ve been getting pretty good at preparing meals that are within the limits of my carbs and are filling. Here are a few of those for you to see.

I’ve been doing research on how to get into ketosis and stay there. I’ve also heard a bunch of things about drinking ketones and such. To me that is all a big scam. I’m not going to pay $100 for something my body should do on its own if I fuel it right.

I have been discouraged with how our world treats healthy lifestyles too. I joined a few Facebook groups and the first thing I get are ads from people wanting me to pay for keto plans and keto recipes and keto products. Well, you know what? No, I’m not going to pay a dime.

I found free options. Aren’t we supposed to be in this together? Why should we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get healthy? Same thing goes with food. Food that is healthy is much more expensive than crap.

Let’s move along…shall we? (Rant over)

There are plenty of free options on Pinterest that will aid you in your journey. Tons of foods to eat and tons not to eat. I really enjoy looking around and seeing what kind of foods I can eat. There are plenty of alternatives for bread, pasta, rice, etc…

Right now, things are going great. I’m eating well and exercising 5 days a week for an hour. I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day. So far, I’ve been doing okay with that. I’m excited to see where this journey leads me.

Tell me, where are you in your journey?

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