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This week’s Book Haul-Jan 21

Hi, everyone! This week has been a crazy week and I’ve been rather lazy about updating my blog. So, I apologize for the late post. However, I’m not going to feel guilty about it. I didn’t get as many books this week, but what I did get, I’m excited about.

On Pinterest, I saw someone created a TBR jar. You put the titles of your TBR list and pick it out of the jar. I think that is a pretty good idea when you get stuck on what to read next. I’ll post a picture of the jar once I create it.

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This Week’s Books

I started getting children’s books for the kids as well as getting books on Amazon Kindle and Google Play.

About the Venue

I still have not read the book of the month, but it is next on my list. I’ll update next week and you’ll see a review as soon as I’ve read it.

The library books I have are still the same. However, my local library just started doing book bundles and I’m picking up my first one on Monday. So, I’ll take pictures and show you what is in the bundles. My kids got one too. So, you’ll see in a separate post as soon as I get them.

About the Venue

What books did you get this week? Did you check out any books from the library?

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