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Introducing My Pet Mice

I have 6 mice and it has been a crazy journey of owning them. Let me start by saying that I started with 2 and it exploded. Let’s start with the two I got from the start.

I started with Minnie and Venus on January 22. They were aged approximately 6 months old at the time. That puts them at around 8 months now. They were bonded already and were put into a small cage temporarily. Just to get acquainted and to quarantine them to ensure they were healthy. They did come form a pet store and you never can be too sure.

They were very shy and not tame at all. I expected this as they had not been handled. However, they have come a long way. These show the tiny space they were in. They got accustomed to our sounds and smells. I kept them in here for about two weeks or so. I then moved them to a 20 gallon bin cage.

I kept them in here for a bit to ensure they had more space but would not be aggressive toward each other as I added new things. They had little fights over toys in the smaller cage. So, I moved them in here and kept watch. However, after about a week or so, they started to try and get out. They were not thrilled about not being able to see out of the cage. This was a dark grey tub and had wire on the top. I moved them shortly after this to their current enclosure.

I also acquired two new girls on March 1, Nibbles and Amelia. However, Amelia soon died without any explanation. We aren’t sure what happened and I didn’t have notice to take her to a vet. So, sadly we lost her. To ensure Nibbles was not alone, we put her in with the other girls and they bonded quite nicely.

Here are some pictures of the two new girls before Amelia passed on March 9.

When we put Nibbles in with Minnie and Venus, I added a bunch of enrichment and toys. Here is what the enclosure looked like at the time. It looks similar now, but everything is buried so I’m posting these photos.

Things have been added to this enclosure since these pics. There has been a bridge or two and more hanging toys. I have some ropes coming that I’m going to string up so they have more to climb on. They absolutely love the wooden bridge right now. They are using Aspen and kiln dried pine bedding. There is some shredded paper in their hides for warmth and there is some hay sprinkled around too.

If these three weren’t enough, when we lost Amelia, I got three sisters because my kids were sad. I felt so bad that we lost her and it was a sad day here. So, we went down to the local Reptile store where they breed for feeders, we found these three females who were six weeks old. They were too old to be fed and were a bonded group. So, I took all three of them. We can’t really tell them apart other than Summer is the biggest one and Dot is the smallest. But when they are all running around, I can’t tell them apart. They look exactly the same. lol.

They are still very small and have been put into the 20 gallon bin cage that I used when we first got our other girls. As you can see, there are some houses and toys in there. The pink house is where they have chosen to make their nest. There is a coconut and other hides but they don’t seem very fond of them. The picture of the girls was taken on March 9. Summer, Polly, and Dot were so small they fit in the center palm of my hand.

As of now, they have grown. So, I will be purchasing another large bin cage and cutting out the top to wire it like I did the other one. They will have so much more space to burrow and to run around. I’ll update you once I’ve done that.

For now, I wanted to just introduce you to my mice.

8 months old- Minnie, Venus, and Nibbles

9 weeks old- Summer, Polly, and Dot

If you have mice or small pets, please share them with me. 🙂

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