Meeting With My Weight Loss Doctor

After the meeting with the dietician, I immediately called my weight loss doctor for a follow-up. Luckily, she was able to get me in this morning.

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History with Dr. Gomez

I’ve been seeing Dr. Gomez for the last 8 months. I was on Keto for so long and got really committed and good at eating healthy. Unfortunately, I didn’t lose much weight on the diet. She’s been with me every step of the way.

Ketogenic History

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ve seen the recipes and meals that I’ve posted on social media on my keto journey. It took time to figure out all the nutrients and all the foods that are on the good list and on the not so good list.


For now, I’ve been taken off all of my medications. It is to ensure that the medications don’t get stuck and cause a blockage.

Appointment Today

We discussed my liquid diet and she said I was intaking too much protein. So, I have been given better instructions on how to manage that. I have been given information that makes me so happy. The surgeon here in Cruces has agreed to take my case. So, I will get to stay close to home and not have to travel a million miles to Albuquerque and I won’t have to start all over again in terms of dietitians and such. I should be hearing something soon from them. That takes some stress off of me.

My Thoughts/Feelings

I’m relieved. Dr. Gomez helped me out and gave me some good advice. She’s always been on my side and she’s working hard to get me the surgery that I need. So, I’m happy with the progress and I’m happy with the direction this is headed in.


Keep sugar out of the equation as much as possible.

Keep protein to 60g a day

Increase calories by adding healthy fats to foods

Follow up with GI and ask for an endoscopy

Follow up with Bariatric Surgeon here.

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