My Weight Loss Journey

Bariatric Seminar Scheduled

After meeting with my weight loss specialist, she informed me that she will be mailing out a liquid diet according to weight loss surgery standards.

So, I should be receiving that soon.

I also got my seminar date

June 16!

In the morning, I will be a part of the seminar online. Seminars are required to give patients the information that they need. I’ve done this with another doctor’s office, but it never hurts to get more info and to see how they do their program.

I’ve heard from others that what is required includes an EKG, Endoscopy, Sleep Study, Labs and Psych Evaluation.

I’ll find out what is required of me when I meet with her one-on-one the same day of the seminar. I don’t have to worry about the sleep study because I sleep with a CPAP at night. So, that illuminates that. I just have to get a compliance letter.

The same day of the seminar and one-on-one with my surgeon, I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist. I will ask him that day to order the endoscopy and to clear me for surgery, which he had done so before. So, that is covered.


I’m excited to get this party started and get on with this whole process. I’m starting week 3 of the liquid diet. I gained a little bit of weight because I was intaking too much protein, but the numbers have started going down again.

I’ve lost some weight and look forward to losing more. It’s just a waiting game and things are going in the right direction.

Until next time,

Ruth Anne

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