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Favorite TV Shows Right Now and What’s Got Me Hooked

Each Friday I’ll be talking about my favorite TV shows and what has got me hooked on them.

Show #1 Handmaid’s Tale. Read to find out why I like it and why I keep watching.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid's Tale' renewed for season 4 at Hulu - SlashGear

Margaret Atwood wrote a dystopian novel years ago about the republic of Gilead, a totalitarian state. In the novel, the main character’s name is Offred, who is a handmaid in Gilead and forced to provide children for the commanders and their baron wives. The novel discusses issues like women in a patriarchal society, individuality, women’s rights, birth rates, and how women are prohibited to read, write, or travel without a male counterpart.

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When I first began watching the show, I liked that it stayed pretty close to the book. I love when the show and the book coincide and don’t linger too far past the plot. When it does, often it changes completely and I’m disappointed. This show did not disappoint me in the least.

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The set and cast of characters are phenomenal, the plot and acting keep the audience engaged, and our emotions are extremely tangled each episode.

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What’s got me hooked? The reality of the situation. In many places in the world, as Atwood stated, things like this have happened. It could also be a warning of what could come in the future. I think that the story is so traumatizing, sad, and angering that I can’t help but root for June and see what happens next.

Handmaid's Tale' Boss on the Importance of Keeping June in Gilead – The  Hollywood Reporter

I am fully invested in their stories and want the best for the women who were oppressed for many years. I want to advocate for the children and I especially want to punish the men and people in power for their roles.

The Handmaid's Tale' Renewed for Season 5 at Hulu | TVLine

My favorite character is June because despite what she’s been through, she tries to protect others. When she can’t, she’s not afraid to make the hard choices even when it hurts.

I’m watching the new season and it is so heart-wrenching to watch her struggle to adjust from a traumatic past. I won’t give away spoilers, but you are in for a lot of emotion and story. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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