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Change of Plans: A Health Update

I waited months to meet the local surgeon all to find out that she’s not taking my case because she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it. I don’t blame her given she’s never done surgery on anyone with an ostomy. There is also a lack of specialty surgeons at my local hospital. I appreciate her looking at my case but now there will be major changes. I’ll have to remain on a liquid diet longer than I thought I would. So, I’ll have to travel 3.5 hours to a hospital that does have specialists and a place that is prepared to handle my medical circumstances.

I’m beyond annoyed and a little sad. It’s not her fault and not anyone’s fault. It’s just that my medical situation is complex, to say the least. I feel like I’ve been sick for so long and I wish it would end. I’ve had 8 surgeries in my life and am facing another 2. I’m so beyond done with hospitals and doctors. I really wanted to try and stay local for this surgery. I hate traveling and I hate being away from my kids. I also have to start the bariatric process all over with their office.

This means that the many months that I have been with Dr. Gomez, my weight loss doctor won’t count in the new clinic. I feel like I’m going backward. I worked really hard on keto and now I’m going into a new clinic with new specialists and have to start from scratch. I’m hoping that since I’ve been on the liquid diet for 4 weeks, I won’t have to meet with the nutritionists as long as many others will and can bypass that headache.

The only positive is that all my surgeries were done at UNM and that brings me comfort. They have all my lab history, know what happens with anesthetic, and the surgical office knows everything about my medical past. I won’t have to sit there and explain what I’ve been through. My medical file is huge and having to explain it over and over to new doctors is tedious and takes forever.

However, I have to prepare for the next little while to take lots of trips there and back. Let me tell you, I hate it. I’m not big on trips and I always get anxiety when I know I’m headed to UNM hospital. Too many weeks spent there, too many bad memories.

I meet with Dr. Bock, the bariatric surgeon on July 2. I also meet with a nutritionist that day too. I’m hoping to get this process started as soon as possible.

I saw Dr. Reinhold, my Gastroenterologist, today. We scheduled an endoscopy for July 8.

I’ve lost some weight but not as much as I’d thought it would.

I’ll update after I meet with Dr. Bock.

Until next time,

Annoyed and cranky me.

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