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Lost in the Snow-COMING CHRISTMAS 2021

Hi, everyone. As promised I am giving you a sneak peek into my short story collection coming out this Christmas. Here is a short synopsis for each short story.

More announcements will be coming regarding this publication. I hope you’ll consider reading it. 🙂

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Lost in the Snow

On the brink of the Bartlett Christmas family reunion, twelve year old Winnie and her best friend Lori get lost in the snow. On a family outing at the ski resort, the girls wander off and get lost in the woods. The community broken and at odds, rally together to find the girls. Old rivals, past betrayals, and people who don’t speak all put it aside to find the girls and bring them back for the big Christmas feast.

Bea’s Christmas Gift

Bea Powers goes home to Grove Hills after an avalanche to save her grandmother’s antique shop. The community has been cut off from tourism causing extreme financial strain. Bea purchased the antique shop and other shops in town to bring in more sales. Her grandmother isn’t too keen on technology and modern advances. The struggle causes strain and family bonds are stretched. A miracle and a gift bring them all back together.

Holly’s Miracle

Holly Wallingford is a rock star at 6 years old. She’s feisty, funny, and bound to a hospital bed. Diagnosed with leukemia the year before, her health has gotten worse. Her mother is inconsolable and goes away for her mental health. Left with her uncle, a nurse at the hospital, she struggles to maintain a positive attitude. The hospital staff throws a holiday party for the children and a miracle arrives for young Holly. Will it be enough to save her life?

Café for Evie

Ed and Evie have been married for forty years and have been blessed with children and a full life. As Evie enters hospice care, Ed works hard to make Evie’s lifelong dream come true. She always wanted to open her own café. With the help of his children and their spouses, they work hard to acquire a space and begin construction. As it comes together, Evie’s health declines. Will she make it to the opening?

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