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My Top 5 Writing Must-Haves

As I get into the writing process there are some things that I need to have to keep my sessions successful. I’m sure everyone has a ritual or a list of things they need to have by them to keep up with their writing. Here are my top 5.

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My Top 5 Must-Haves for Writing

1. Water, Tea, or Coffee. Sometimes all three. (If I wasn’t on a liquid diet I would add snacks).

It is important to hydrate and to have some drinks on hand that will keep me from having to get up in the middle of writing. I love to keep a kettle with hot water or a carafe with hot coffee on to ensure that I have something warm to drink. I love water and I love to infuse my water sometimes with cucumber or fruit (new obsession). But, I really love to drink warm things more than cold. That might change now that it has been in the 100s all week.

2. Writing Aids (Dictionary, Thesaurus, Word Books, Comprehension books, and other materials that I need).

These are the main four books that I keep with me when I write.

I keep a dictionary and thesaurus on hand. I have a few e-books like the big book of words, writing structure, writing composition, and a few books I acquired in college that help me. I love to reference the materials when I’m stuck and when I find my words and language get stale. It’s fun to look up words and beef up character voice and things of that nature.

3. Research Materials. (Encyclopedia, Internet, History Books, and More).

If you are a writer, you know that research is a HUGE part of writing. I love this part of writing the most. I love to dive into a part of the world I don’t know or visit a time period that interests me. I love to find new ways to research certain things. I keep a variety of materials in a bookmark folder. I love to reference places and get inspiration from Google Earth. I can’t ever NOT have research material. Plus, I love reading other people’s writing and seeing what kind of details they put in their writing. It makes the whole writing process so much fun.

4. Grammarly and Note-Taking Apps

These are all the apps or programs that are on my computer. The one I use the most is Evernote. I love using it for my homeschooling and writing. It’s so easy, you can add websites and keep it all in once plate. I use the others every now and then but mostly I use sticky notes and Evernote.

5. Books for Inspiration.

I always choose a stack of books to keep next to me depending on what it is I’m writing. I keep the genre, location, topic, etc. It’s nice to have inspiration from certain authors. I love to get descriptions, style, and format ideas. I also like to see how others use words, language, and how they tell their story.


There you have it. My five things that I love to have when I sit down to write.


What are the things that you like to have? What is your absolute favorite?

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