My Weight Loss Journey

Nutrition Update

Hey, everyone!

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I had a teleconference with my nutritionist last week. She is pleased with my progress. We switched to a high protein diet and got rid of sodium rich drinks. She was concerned that I was retaining water. Given that I lost 7lbs, we think that was exactly what was going on.

My diet during those two weeks was as follows:

B: 2 eggs OR Greek yogurt

S: Ensure max protein

L: 4oz chicken

S: 1/5 cup cottage cheese

D: 4oz beef

When I talked to her a few days ago, we decided to make a few changes. I was only intaking 800-900 calories and that is too low. So, we want to up it to 1200-1400. To do this we are making a few changes.

  1. Switch the Ensure Max Protein to regular ensure or boost
  2. add puree fruit or vegetables but keep fiber at or below 8g
  3. add more protein

I meet with her again on July 29. My birthday!

When we meet again, it will be a zoom call. We will discuss the switch in diet and we will begin our bariatric diet counseling.


I have everything scheduled that I need before getting surgery. Here is what is to come:

Labs: July 30

MRI Enterorrhaphy: Aug 14

Psych Eval: Aug 25


Things are moving along. I’m estimating October for surgery but we shall see once I see my doctor again.

Until next time,

Ruth Anne

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