My Weight Loss Journey

Health Update

Hey, everyone. I’ve had a dietitian appointment, two actually, and an appointment with my sleep specialist since I last updated here.

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I’m still on a puree diet. I’m keeping with a high protein diet and low carbs and sugars. I’ll stay on this for a while.

I’ve lost 24 lbs. since May and that makes me feel good. I’m making sure to keep up the good work. I’m proud of myself and my progress.

I saw the sleep specialist because of the Phillips recall. I’m getting a special filter to use in order to be in compliance and to take my machine to the hospital when the time comes.

I have my MRI Enterography scheduled for August 14th. So, that should be a fun day…not. I hate that test but I know it is necessary for my surgeon.

My psych evaluation is on August 25th.


I should get an appointment with my surgeon after that and do 2 more nutrition classes in Aug and Sep. Shortly after, I should get a date! I’m excited about that.


God has blessed me with so much this year and I’m so thankful to him for getting me through all the hard times.


Until next time…

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