Bariatric Sleeve, My Weight Loss Journey

Disappointing News

This journey has been really tough and I’m starting to regret my decisions.

In May, I was put on a liquid diet for 6 weeks. Then, I was advanced to puree. Where I stayed from July to September when I had surgery.

Now, I should be able to advanced to a regular diet after being on puree for 2 weeks and on soft for 3 weeks.

My dietitian reported that I will have to stay on this soft foods diet until my hernia repair. That means I have to wait 6 months after surgery to get referred to a surgeon who specializes in hernia repair.

I’m beyond annoyed that I haven’t eaten a real meal since May and I’m still sitting here having to eat like a baby. As if this year hasn’t been hard enough.

I’m angry, I’m annoyed, and I’m started to regret having this surgery. I hate that I’m always sick or always having to compromise my life around my illnesses. It’s so tired, I’m over being sick and disabled.

Enough is enough.

Having the worst day and not feeling at all positive about this experience. All my excitement is gone.

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