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You know what I love about fall? The colors. The cold. The ever-winding down of the year.

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It’s the time of year to drink hot drinks, obsess about pumpkin-spice (for some), and to be thankful for what you have.

For me, it is a time of reflection. Of time to sit and think of what has happened this year. What I’m looking forward to is more time with family, a family wedding, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

To watch the joy on my kids faces when they rip into wrapping paper and get a gift that they have wanted all year long. They agonize over what they want all year. They tell family and get giddy when it finally falls in their hands.

What I look forward to is the joy and the warmth of being around those I love. To know that they are there to enjoy and to welcome the end of the year.

I’m blessed and have had a great year. It may have started off rocky, and there have sure been some hard time. You know what’s great about waking up each day? You get to start again. Make your mind up to be happy and to allow yourself every opportunity to make your day great.

What are you looking forward to this month?

I know there are several things in the next two weeks that get me excited. My honorary sister is getting married and she’s happy. That makes me happy to be a part of her special day and honor her on her day. Then, the next morning I get to wake up and spend the day with my church family. To put on a fall festival for our community and to have a great day of fellowship, laughter, and companionship.

Then, I get to spend a day watching the Thanksgiving day parade, watching people stuff their faces until they are full, and see the joy.

I hope you enjoy November and that you have things you are excited about.

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