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My Bariatric Diet 10 weeks post-op VSG

The bariatric surgery process isn’t for the faint-hearted. There is sacrifice, permanent change to your body, and hard work. I’ve come to know that it is about changing your mindset and completely changing your relationship with food. Your eating changes-for the better-even if it is extremely hard to get out of bad habits.

I’ve heard people say that having a gastric sleeve or bypass is the “easy way out.” If you’ve spoken to someone who went through the process and had the surgery, will tell you that is the farthest thing from the truth. There is a ton of work that goes into the process of surgery and especially after.

I’m only ten weeks out and I have come to terms with the fact that my life has completely changed. During the pre-op stage, I changed the way I ate. I cut out all the foods that I knew I would not be able to have after. I started changing small things like oil, butter, and sugar-free condiments. I started to cut out unhealthy foods that I knew would have to go.

Was it easy? Hell no!

It isn’t easy giving up all the modern conveniences of fast food, microwave meals, and easy-to-prep foods that you throw together. For some of us, we are so used to eating that way, it can be a shock to change the way we eat. I went from microwaving frozen foods, having easily made boxes and packages, and started buying more produce. I started buying almond flour and using other ingredients to make things from scratch.

After surgery, I was on a liquid diet for about two weeks. It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. I then advanced to soft foods and for my unique medical needs, I’m still in that stage and will be until my six-month post-op appointment. I can pretty much eat anything as long as it is moist and soft. I struggle with some things but I have found many resources with recipes.

Pinterest, Facebook groups, and online blogs are my sources for finding really amazing recipes. I also love to go browse Youtube where I have found tons of other bariatric patients who give great advice and post videos on what they eat in a day, meal prepping, and just general meal recipes.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes and foods that I have been eating lately. Keep in mind that I’m on a soft food diet and that I am at about 2-3 oz. per meal.

My Recipes and Meals

Some of these are just Pinterest posts that I have changed to meet my bariatric needs. These are my favorites and right now, I have been just throwing stuff together. I want to keep recipes that I have started from scratch.

If you have recipes or know where I can follow them, please share. I have some people on TikTok too that really helps me. But I like to read the recipe and see all the ingredients rather than watching a short video on it. I’d love to learn more and see more recipes.

These are where I’m at right now. I finally feel like I can experiment and eat foods of all types. So, I’m looking forward to growing my kitchen skills.

If you are on a journey of getting or have already had surgery, follow along and I’d love to follow you.

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