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My First Bariatric Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, be thankful for all we have, and let’s be honest, it’s about food. It is a holiday centered around turkey and stuffing and all the foods that we love. Well, when you have just had bariatric surgery and are already struggling with getting in your protein and liquids, it can be a really hard holiday.

This year, my parents tried to figure out how to make the holiday easy for me and I’m so appreciative of that. I had to tell them that no matter how many alterations they made, there are going to be foods that I just can’t eat. That’s okay. After surgery, we have to get in a certain amount of protein and we have to try to drink 64 oz. of water a day. We have all these things that we need to focus on.

One thing I didn’t want to focus on was food. I really didn’t want to focus on what I couldn’t eat. What I couldn’t have. I didn’t want to have a negative outlook on what was being served. Did I want to eat all the food on the table? Hell, yes!

My friend Briana makes these amazing stuffed jalapenos and I wanted one so bad. But I had to remember the last time I tried to eat one, I got sick. So, I abstained. My mom makes queso every year and I really wanted some. So, I figured out how to have a little. Instead of using chips, I used pork skins. Was it the same? No, but I’m happy to have chosen a healthier option and I did enjoy the queso.

I took a picture of my plate to remember what it was that I ate. I’m attaching that below.

As you can see, I had turkey, a spoon of mashed potatoes (I couldn’t resist), my dad’s gravy, and green beans. I would love to have had more options like stuffing, pie, rolls, and the lot. But, I was full of this plate and I even managed to leave a few beans on my plate.

I won’t lie, the want for foods that I shouldn’t have was strong. I struggled all day with smelling the food and preparing it. Knowing that I couldn’t eat it didn’t really help. But I’m happy with the fact that I’ve lost 76 pounds since May and nothing can take that feeling away. I’d rather give up all the delicious sweets and carb-filled meals than go back to the 305-pound unhealthy person that I was.

Thanksgiving ended up being a really nice holiday, if you read my last post, you’ll read about it. It was quiet this year and we had a great meal. I’m glad there were many other things that filled that day. My kid’s smiles and laughter was the highlight. I love to see them happy. To see them surrounded by family and know they are growing into amazing human beings.

So, I hope your first bariatric thanksgiving wasn’t too hard. If it was, I feel you and I’m here if you want to vent or talk about it. This journey is hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you different. It is hard and there are ups and downs and bad days. The good, for me, outweigh the bad. I hold onto that when I’m feeling bad or down. I hold onto that when I’m mad that I can’t just eat more food or eat the foods that I cut out. But to me, it is all worth it.

Tell me, how was your thanksgiving if you have had surgery? If you are a year or more out, how is was your year different than it was last year? I’d love to hear about it for inspiration and just to hear what others have experienced.

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