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A Trip Downtown

Our downtown area is all decorated with Christmas lights on all the trees, there are little setups for families to take pictures, and the tree is ready for the lighting ceremony taking place on Saturday. So, we went last night, when the crowds weren’t present, to get a look at what would be there. There were nutcrackers, penguins, trains, presents, gingerbread men, and a Santa. The kids had a really good time walking around and seeing all the decorations.

We made hot cocoa and took it with us to keep warm. Though, when we did go, it was like 66 degrees. Perfect weather for a night stroll. The streets were not that crowded and there were two or three other families walking around. I guess they had the same idea.

It’s nice for us to get out of the house and get out and about to see the town we live in. I quite love the way downtown has become a place for people to enjoy. I love Coas bookstore and have frequented the shop for many years. The theaters always bring amazing talent. There are galleries, restaurants, a comic book store, and a few other shops. There is a coffee stand that I went to before my surgery. Now that I’m off caffeine, I tend to make coffee at home with the decaf variety.

It was a nice night and the parking is so easy that I didn’t have any trouble finding a spot. We spent about an hour or so just enjoying the night, walking around, taking pictures, and of course, drinking cocoa. Until my son had to go to the bathroom and we had to go. We drove around a bit to look at lights and that was enjoyable too.

I’m sharing a gallery of photos that we took last night for your enjoyment and to document the great memories we had as a little trio. Enjoy!

I hope you are finding ways to enjoy the holiday season.

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