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Blogmas Day 3: Festive Activities

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I am a huge Christmas fan and each year, I always try to figure out ways to make my kids happy. I try to look around at what is happening locally. Whether that be events, Christmas lights, parties, or Church activities. I really love the holidays for this reason, we get to take tons of pictures and make memories.

I can remember a time when I was little when we would have activities and those have been imprinted in my mind. I try to do the same for my kids. Things I remember most are building a ginger bread house, making cookies, looking at Christmas lights, game nights, movies, music, and going to see Santa at the mall. My most memorable time was when we got to see Santa arrive by helicopter.

Now, I’m not sure that I can top Santa arriving on a helicopter, but I can go to enough events that it makes the memories last. It may be early in December but we will do a ton of things this month that will get the kids excited about Christmas.

So, let’s start with our activities and then, I’ll provide a list of ideas that you could do with your family.

My Family Activities

Gingerbread Houses-Decorating as a family.

Christmas Lights in El Paso

Christmas Movies

Tree Lighting Ceremony

Christmas Caroling

Holiday Crafts

Christmas Décor

Christmas Pictures

Photo Booths

Christmas Cards

Activity Ideas for You

  • Take Holiday Photos (we do every year)
  • Write Santa Letters (the kids love to do this)
  • Decorate Christmas Cookies (cookies are a must)
  • Create Snow Globes out of Mason Jars (I’ve wanted to do this)
  • Create Festive Décor (we do this all the time)
  • Christmas Photo booth (so fun!)
  • Go Snowshoeing or snowboarding (we want to do this sometime)
  • Host a tasting (sounds like fun)
  • Cookie Exchange (I did this in college, yum!)
  • Throw a party (fun times with those you love)
  • Volunteer (it is important to give back)
  • Go Ice-skating (I’m afraid to fall on my butt)
  • Family Hike (fun times, always)
  • Ugly Sweater Party (always wanted to go to one)
  • Build a snowman (we live in the desert, but do when it snows)
  • Create a Village (we did this and it was fun)
  • Make your own decorations (we do this all the time)
  • Scavenger hunt (love these!)
  • Secret Santa (had one at work and it was fun)
  • Start a holiday collection
  • Display Christmas Cards
  • Slumber Party under the Tree
  • Try new recipes
  • DIY
  • Cocoa and s’mores
  • Donate a toy for the toy drive

I could keep going with ideas that I’ve wanted to try or that have come to me over the years. There is so much to have and it all depends on where you are and what is available. I know, we take part in all we can.

Have fun this year with all the activities and be safe.

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