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Blogmas Day 5: My Favorite YouTube Channels

I’m not one to spend a whole lot of time on YouTube. When I do, there are specific channels that I really enjoy watching. I have either just stumbled across them or I have been watching them for years. Some are homeschool related, some are not. These are my Top Ten favorite YouTube Channels.

Living Traditions Homestead

Kevin and Sara moved to Missouri where they bought land and started their own homestead. They had a homestead previously in Phoenix, Arizona. They raise rabbits, chicken, pigs, cows, quail, and more. I have learned so much from them and enjoy seeing how their gardening has grown. They have so many fun videos and this is how I learned how to can and preserve my own food.

Here is their latest video where Sara shows us how to can her leftover turkey.

Acre Homestead

Becky and her husband live out in Washington where they have their homestead. I really enjoy her videos especially pertaining to bulk shopping and bulk cooking. She does a great job of showing us how she makes her food last through winter.

Here is her latest video on filling up her freezer.

Beatrice Caruso

I stumbled across Bea’s channel when I was looking to lose weight. She was on a journey herself and I found her relatable and extremely funny. I love her honesty and the fact that she posts a lot of things on food, home living, and all kinds of stuff. She’s really enjoyable to watch. I look forward to her videos each week.

Here is her latest video on how she tried Adele’s workout and diet. It was really interesting.

Grace and Grit

Ashley is a fellow homeschool mom. I started watching her videos around the time that I started to homeschool my kids. I learned a lot from her. She does some day in the life videos, shopping hauls, and she also does some health and nutrition videos. She used to be a physical trainer and I really enjoy all her videos. It’s so nice to see her family grow up.

Check out her latest video on what she eats in a day. I enjoy these from her.

Coffee and Bible Time

Ashley and Taylor along with their mom have a channel dedicated to walking with God. I do a lot of their in-depth bible studies and listen to their podcast. If you are a young person, they are especially up your alley. They are silly and funny and carefree.

Here is their latest video on Christian gift giving.

The Matthews Fam

Lamar aka “L” and his family do reaction videos. I especially enjoy the crime and crazy moment videos. He’s funny and animated. I really enjoy watching his videos and his family makes me laugh. If you like reaction videos, he has all sorts of topics.

Here is the latest on “What happens next with shock you” series.

The East Family

I’m a big fan of gymnastics and Shawn Johnson was one of my favorite. She married Andrew and they have 2 beautiful little kids. I love watching their videos. They are funny and provide awesome entertainment.

Their latest videos is a fixer upper before and after.

Angela Braniff

Angela is another homeschool mom who I learned a lot from. Her and her husband have a lovely family and they also farm. So, you get all sorts of fun from this family. She shows that with a large family things are possible.

Her latest videos is a farming video on what the best gift card would be for a farm girl or homesteader.

Diane Jennings

One of my favorite hobbies is genealogy and my ancestors are from Ireland, as many are. I wanted to learn more about the culture. When I was looking around for different travel ideas, I stumbled across Diane’s channel. Her channel is all about how different Ireland is from America and other countries. She’s so funny and sarcastic.

Her latest video lists 10 reasons never to move to the United States.

Self Sufficient Me

Mark lives in Australia and teaches us to be self-sufficient. He’s all about growing food and teaching us about how to maximize your space. He raises animals too. I learned a ton from him and really enjoy watching his videos. I’ve wasted many hours doing so.

His latest video teaches you how to grow potatoes in a cardboard box.

A Few honorable mentions

Alexa Donne

Alexa is an author and she is also an avid reader. I love to learn about being a writer and love to hear about books that I otherwise would not have read. She’s the author of Brightly Burning and The Stars We Steal, sci-fi re-telling of classics like Jane Eyre and Persuasion. She’s very knowledgeable.

Her latest video discusses her latest YA thriller The Ivies.

The FallCo Family

Syreena is the first channel I found when researching homeschooling. I was overwhelmed and a little stressed out. I watched all her videos in a couple of months and she really put my mind at ease. I love her videos and I have watched her kids grow up over the years.

Her latest vlog is on how they stay connected and a visit to a sunflower garden.

Erin Branscom

If you have stuck around on my blog, you’ll know that I had bariatric surgery on September 14. I have many vlogs I watch, but Erin is the one I watch the most. She has a ton of information and helps when it comes to food, shopping, and planning. It is also comforting when things aren’t going as I hoped.

Erin’s latest video discusses artificial sweeteners and maintaining weight.

These are the channels that I watch the most. I hope you will give some of them a try. There might be something in there for you.

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