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Tree Lighting Ceremony

Last night, Las Cruces had their Annual Tree Lighting on the plaza in downtown. The kids and I decided to head there early to grab parking, but when we got there it was already packed. So, we ended up parking at our church and taking the long walk down main street. We didn’t mind and the weather was pretty nice.

There were a lot of community members giving out crafts, candy, and goodie bags. The kids even wrote a letter to Santa and next week, they will get to go to the railroad museum and get a response. So, they were excited about that. We grabbed some hot chocolate, as you do, and we walked around to see what all there was to offer.

Now, I love going to this event because every year there seems to be some amazing stuff. This year it was okay. They didn’t have Santa pictures or the Grinch like they did in previous years, but I’m not complaining. Seeing my kids watch live music was fun for them.

Local band playing on the plaza

It took some time to walk around the huge crowd to find a spot where we could stand, but it was hard. The kids are little and people were standing everywhere. We finally managed a spot where they could see and enjoyed some Christmas music.

Big Smiles

They drank all their cocoa and even danced to Feliz Navidad, and All I want for Christmas is You.

The tree lighting countdown was short and sweet and I even caught it on video. The mayor of Las Cruces, counted down for us.

Video I took of the countdown!

After the tree lighting, the kids were over the event and wanted to go home. So, we stopped in front of the tree to snap a couple of photos before we headed home.

We had a really good time and got some exercise in by walking main street. I had so much fun and I hoped you liked looking at our photos and hearing about our little adventure on the Plaza. I wanted to stay for the Polar Express they were playing at Rio Grande Theatre but I didn’t think the kids could stand being out that long. Maybe next year.

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